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Gallery Museum

The ar/ge kunst Gallery Museum of Bolzano is situated in the Via Museo near the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum. The Gallery Museum presents a year up to 7 show regional and international artists.

In 2015 ar/ge kunst celebrates thirty years since its foundation in 1985. To mark this anniversary the entire annual programme will serve as a critical reflection on the history of ar/ge kunst and on the Kunstverein as the institutional model that has characterized it since the beginning.

Through the various practices of the participating artists, this process of self-examination will centre on the exhibition as a mode of research, production, collaboration and restitution; a space and time conceived to facilitate reciprocity and mutual influence between the exhibitions and the accompanying program of public discussions, workshops and performances.

ar/ge is an abbreviation of Arbeitsgemeinschaft (working group).

The first exhibition project of 2015 is entitled "Spatial Dispositions" and has been devised by Italian artist Aldo Giannotti (b. 1977, lives and works in Vienna). As a progressive examination of ar/ge kunst itself, Spatial Dispositions will operate as the introduction to the anniversary program.

The history and economics of ar/ge kunst, its mission statement and ambitions, its responsibilities towards members and visitors, its relationship to its cultural and political context are here translated into projects for potential installations and performances.

Postura, posa, differita

Italo Zuffi

From 24 September to 26 November 2016

Opening, 23 September 2016 7 pm

Curated by Emanuele Guidi

The artist will present a new performance during the opening between 7 and 9 pm.

The exhibition "postura, posa, differita" (posture, pose, deferred) by Italo Zuffi at ar/ge kunst in Bolzano, is the concluding episode of a series dedicated to the artist, that started in 2015 at the Nomas Foundation in Rome and continued to the MAN in Nuoro. It was a collaboration between institutions aimed at providing continuity to the artist’s research, with three complementary and independent exhibition projects that have allowed for further exploration of significant works and stages in his career.

"postura, posa, differita" is developed around a nucleus of works that articulate the complexity of Italo Zuffi’s investigations in the area of performance from the beginning of his career, with particular attention to his relationship with sculpture. Even though the works in the exhibition do not amount to an actual live performance, the presence of the body is affirmed in the form of memory, potential and record.

The new productions on display are therefore united both by recourse to dilated temporality as a working tool, and by the methodology for the collection of the sources on which the works are supported conceptually. The works are in fact the result of a gestation of sometimes years from the moment in which they were actually conceived or initially produced in the form of a prototype.

A choice of delaying the moment of execution allows for the accumulation of press and research material on which to form a more articulated and informed vision of the original project.

The works on show therefore narrate a personal way of reading, involving a continuous flow of news and information that progresses towards identification and empathy. They are works about time and about the need to take time in order to find a form of writing that is personal and autobiographical.

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