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ar/ge kunst Gallery Museum of Bolzano

ar/ge kunst Gallery Museum of Bolzano

The ar/ge kunst Gallery Museum of Bolzano is situated in the Via Museo near the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum.

Making Room - Spaces of Anticipation

From June 14th until August 2nd 2014

Opening, Friday 13rd June 2014 7 pm

Curated by Emanuele Guidi and Lorenzo Sandoval

Brave New Alps & Paolo Plotegher
Janette Leverrière in collaboration with Nairy Baghramian
Alex Martinis Roe
Marinella Senatore in collaboration with Assemble
Mierle Laderman Ukeles

"Making Room" is an exhibition exploring the idea of space in relation to the artistic, cultural and curatorial practices that produce it. Accordingly, it brings together works and collaborations by artists, architects and designers from different generations and geographies, each of them stressing the mutual correspondence and influence between social practices and the environments that play host to them.

In all the projects presented, the act of proposing spatial settings and configurations unfolds in line with the desire to establish a bond between past and ongoing experiences - through collaboration, storytelling or simply by posing questions. Hence a domestic environment, a salon or a school, a display system, a cultural association or an art institution can all still be considered as models for facilitating possible encounter and common usership. In this context, the notion of "care" is central to rethinking the way these "places" can be designed, experienced and (collectively) maintained.

"Making room" in this sense becomes a gesture that welcomes other practices and knowledge as generative forms of transformation - a way of "giving space" and "dedicating time" to both alliances and conflicts, be that with partners, fellow colleagues, audience members.

"Making Room" is the research phase of the project Spaces of Anticipation, developed in collaboration with the EACC - Espai d'art contemporani de Castelló in Castellón de la Plana.


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