Gries church in Bolzano

The Ancient Gries Parish Church (of Our Lady in Keller) was already listed in the 9th century among the properties of the Freising episcopal church, not much remains of the Romanesque phase nor of the 14th century modifications.

Its current appearance is prevailingly Gothic, the polygonal chancel dates back to 1410, the vaults were built following the 1452 fire, while the St. Erasmus chapel on the south side of the chancel was added on in 1519.

The Old Gries Parish Church stands slightly north of Piazza Gries Square. A building in gothic style (beginning of the fifteenth century), which houses two exceptional artistic treasures: the altar of Michael Pacher and the wooden Romanesque crucifix.

Preserved inside are a monumental wooden Crucifix, an elegant piece of work from the early 13th century and the splendid wooden polychrome altar by Michael Pacher (1471 - 1475).

The former is without doubt the absolute masterpiece of conserved Gothic wooden altars with wooden doors. The latter's origins are thought to be from abroad, perhaps relating to the sculptures from Northern France and this is considered a work of remarkable artistic importance.

The wrought iron cross of the von Aufschnaiter family (1740) stands out among the numerous tombstones of the historic cemetery.

The area where the church stands today was inhabited even in Roman times and was known as "Keller" or "Chellare" (cellar) and subsequently was called "Gries" or rather sand or shingle.

In the vicinity of the church there was a wine holding of the Bishop of Freising in Bavaria until 1908.