Dominican church

The Dominican church with the old cloister are about one hundred metres west of the cathedral in Piazza Domenicani (Dominican Square). The church dedicated to St. Dominic and the annexed buildings are what remains of the original Dominican monastery, documented since 1272. They were one of the first Gothic buildings in South Tyrol.

After its secularisation in 1785, the complex was deeply altered. The Gothic structure of the church preserves 14th century frescoes, a choir with rococo stuccoes and the altar piece by Guercino (1655). The St. John Chapel is entirely frescoed by the school of Giotto (1330).

The chapel of St. John, the chapel of St. Catherine and the cloister are of great artistic importance due to the rich and splendid frescoes of the Gothic School of Padova (first half of the XIV Century).

In particular, the frescoes found in the Chapel of Saint John can be considered the "jewels" of Gothic picture in Bolzano and South Tyrol.

The frescoes by Friedrich Pacher (1496) in the charming cloister are also of particular importance.