Franciscan church

The Gothic buildings of the Franciscan church, cloister and convent are in the Via dei Francescani, north of Piazza delle Erbe Square, and date back to the first half of the fourteenth century.

The Franciscan church dedicated to St. Francis was rebuilt in Gothic style after the 1291 fire and enriched by vaults around 1450.

Behind the choir gallery of the 14th century, bathed in light streaming through the modern Josef Widmoser glass windows is the wooden altar with doors carved by Hans Klockner (16th century). This is definitely one of the most famous Gothic works of art preserved in a church at Bolzano.

In the 14th century cloister and bell tower, Gothic frescoes and 18th century paintings.

Of particular interest is the St. Erhard's chapel with a cycle of proto-Gothic frescoes (14th century). According to popular belief the chapel was visited by the young Saint Francis and his father.