St. Maddalena hill and tiny church

Each year on 22nd July a splendid festival, the local "Kirchtag", take place in the tiny hamlet of St. Maddalena, located on a hill bearing the same name which overlooks the northern part of Bolzano.

In Tyrol a "Kirchtag" celebrates the feast day of the saint to whom the church was consecrated, in this case Mary Magdalene.

In true Tyrolean tradition the festivities begin with Mass in the tiny church at 8 a.m., followed by a breakfast of "Krapfen" (not doughnuts but ravioli-like pastry fritters filled with jam) and perhaps a glass of white wine.

Musical entertainment is provided by the Zwölfmalgreien band. For those who haven't been able to take the day off, the festivities continue at 5 p.m. beneath the pergolas of the Troger-Hof wine estate situated just beneath the church at the top of the St. Magdalena hill.

Musical entertainment is on offer, as well as typical Tyrolean snacks served beneath the wines on sturdy wooden tables: "Speck", salami, cheeses, local bread varieties and of course wines from the surrounding vineyards.

In fact at 8 p.m. local grower - winemakers open their cellars to subject their St. Magdalener wines (pale red, very fruity, made from the local Vernatsch grape) to the scrutiny of guests. Celebrations continue until late.



1200 meters above Bolzano

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