Town Hall square in Bolzano

At the southern end of Via dei Bottai is the Town Hall square, where the Neo-Baroque Town Hall stands. The square is surrounded by numerous houses with beautiful facades decorated with stucco in the Rococo style.

Bolzano's Town Hall's present-day appearance in the square with the same name goes back to 1907. At the time the mayor was Julius Perathoner and the architectural work was carried out by Kürschner in collaboration with Hocheder.

The neo-baroque building accomodated the council meeting room on the second floor, embellished with frescoes by the painter Gottfried Hofer.

The allegoric scenes depict progress, energy, affluence, culture as well as the ages of man, the world of work and criticism, both positive and negative. The latter characterise the roof of the arcade (a putto with the wings of a butterfly, an a female nude with wings and a snake in her arms).

The renowned Arcades, Via dei Portici with its arcades begins at the western side of Town Hall Square.