Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art - Museion

The Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art (Museion) of Bolzano was founded in 1987 and presents modern and contemporary art in temporary exhibitions as well as in public spaces. The building is the centre of Bolzano. Visits of the permanent collection are occasionally possible, you can visit frequent changing exhibitions and a specialized library on modern and contemporaty art.

The building's cubic shape is charged with strong visual impact, and the dramatic architecture itself is a vehicle for dialogue, which places the city's historical center in contrast with some of its more modern areas, as well as with the meadows that flank the Talvera River and the two bridges.

May 24th 2008: the Museion is re-open in a new, beautiful building.

With transparent facades putting in communication the historical center with the new part of town, across the Talvera River, the Museion adds a touch of modernity to the stunning traditional architecture of the old town. From the top-floor glass walls, visitors have a breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding Dolomites.

The highly-flexible interior offers seven different levels of exhibition space, didactic labs, library open to the public, a bookshop and a terrace cafè.

These same facades at night turn into highly suggestive surfaces for the projection of newly commissioned artworks.

The Museion is not a simple container of artworks but a laboratory of debates and discussions, able to put into movement creative and intellectual energies.

Museion's activities are not limited solely to exhibiting activities. Together with shows, interdisciplinary events will be promoted with local and international institutions and associations.