Museum of Nature South Tyrol

Opened in 1997, the Museum of Nature South Tyrol in Bolzano offers a detailed overview of the scientific, cultural and historical aspects of one of the most varied European regions and illustrates the origin and appearance of South Tyrol's unique mountain and valley habitats.

The permanent exhibition, with live animals and barrier reef aquarium, is complemented by diverse additional exhibitions and a rich didactic activity.

The museum's own research and collections focus on geology, botany and zoology.

Permanent exhibition

Experience a virtual flight over South Tyrol and see how many different habitats may be found within this small area.

A tour of the exhibition leads the visitors through the various habitats, from the mountain screes and the forests of the lower mountain ranges down to the rivers of the valley floors.

The visitors can view the geological development of this unique landscape and its change as consequence of climate fluctuation and human activity.

Special exhibitions

The Museum of Nature puts on several special exhibitions each year, which are developed either in-house, in co-operation with other museums or with local associations. The emphasis is on geology, flora and fauna and photos by local or international nature photographers.

Museum and education

The team of the Museum of Nature has developed a range of interactive offers to complement the permanent and special exhibitions. Children and young people can expand their understanding of the processes of nature through sensory experience and experiments.