Ötzi Alpin Marathon

9 April 2022

Italy's high quoted Alpine marathon-race. This very special event in South Tyrol, Northern Italy, which is open to individual athletes as well as teams, runs under the motto "From Flowering Orchards to High Mountain Glaciers" and involves three very exacting sports disciplines, mountain biking, running and ski touring.

This really demanding challenge is carried out on a distance of 42 km and a difference in height of 2,658 m. From Naturno (554 m) the course follows the Schnals valley, reaches Kurzras and climbs then up to the top station of the glacier cable car (3,212 m) with its view of the place where Ötzi, the Man from the Ice, was found.

The start is in Naturno. From there the participants cover 24.2 km mountain biking, until Unser Frau, then they continue running over a distance of 10.6 km up to Kurzras, and from there they climb on their skis to the Bergrestaurant Grawand, covering a difference in height of 1,201 m.

There are two rankings, one for individual participants and one for relay teams.

An extreme marathon for only the very best all-round athletes, men and women, who may choose to compete alone or as part of a three-competitor team.

Technical data

Length of course: 42.2 km (marathon distance).
Mountain bike leg: 24.2 km with a difference in altitude of 954 mt. and highest point at 1,538 mt.
Running leg: 11.3 km with an altitude difference of 495 mt.
Ski touring leg: 6.7 km with an altitude difference of 1,201 mt.
Difference in height: 3.242 m